A Little About Us

Laurel, Mississippi is a wonderful place with a special community. A group of friends, most of whom were born and raised in Laurel, had an idea and vision. This group of friends wanted to showcase and share a part of their special community with others. At that moment, the idea of The Laurel Shop was born. Whether you have lived in Laurel your entire life or if this is your first visit to Laurel, The Laurel Shop has something for all of you. The Laurel Shop is a collection of gifts, shirts, outerwear, cups, glasses, candles and much more. All of our items and gifts proudly display our great city and community – Laurel. Please come by The Laurel Shop to say hello and purchase a piece of Laurel. We look forward to seeing all of our friends and we look forward to meeting and making new friends as well!

The Laurel Shop